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Biological Diversity in Belize
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Belize has a subtropical to tropical environment with (in Belize City) mean monthly minima ranging from 16 C (60 F) in winter to 24 C (75 F) in summer. Mean monthly maximum range from 28 C (82 F) in winter to 33 C (81 F) in summer. Inland, and especially higher in the hills, the mean minima are noticeably lower.

Throughout Belize there is a pronounced dry season from February through May. But rainfall varies dramatically between the north of Belize and the south. Figures range from 1,200 mm (48) in the north (Sarteneja 1,272 mm = 51" in the period 1989-1994) to over 4,000 mm (160) per year in the south (4,179 mm = 167" in Punta Gorda). Unfortunately, the amount of data points is limited and especially from inland and higher altitude locations in the south, no data are available at all. The rainfall isohyets in the figure below are adapted from Walker (1973).


The monthly figures are averages only and it should be remembered that average monthly rainfall can change dramatically from year to year. The Average Monthly Rainfall figures of Green Hills case below demonstrates this clearly. Experience has taught that there is no such thing as an average year.

The wettest months at Green Hills are January, June, July, September and October. At least statistically and.... when measured in the amount of rainfall. The wettest months by perception are December and January, during that time soil is saturated from the first part of the rainy season and everything becomes mud. The rain that in July falls in short, heavy showers, in December and January falls as a drizzle spread out over a number of days with not enough sun to dry everything out again.


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Walker, S. H. 1973. Summary of climatic records for Belize. Land Res. Div., Surbiton, Surrey, England, Suppl. No 3.


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