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Green Hills Picture Gallery

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flight area with pond

inside flight area

flight area

inside flight area

pupae cage

the pupae cage

Flight area

inside flight area

Schoolvisit San Antonio

School visit, educationweek 2009

Mechanitis pupae

Golden pupae of Mechanitis polymnia

thoas swallowtail

thoas swallowtail

Picnic spot

Pinic spot

feeding caterpillars

Feeding caterpillars

Emerging Morpho

Blue Morphos just emerged from the pupae

Morpho peleides male

The Blue Morpho

Mechanitis polymnia

Mechanitis polymnia laying eggs

Glasswing Pteronymia cotytto

The glasswing Pteronymia cotytto

Myscelia ethusa

Mexican Blue Myscelia ethusa

Colubura dirce

Colubura dirce

Monarch Danaus plexippus

Monarch Danaus plexipus

Malachite Siproeta stelenes

Malachite Siproeta stelenes


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