Biodiversity in Belize
Biological Diversity in Belize
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Checklist of the vascular plants of Belize


Non-native Fauna of Belize.

This list is a tentative one. For example, there must be many invertebrates that have been introduced, but I haven't yet tried to compile a list. Any help here will be appreciated (contact me). In the list here are a few links to more information on the species.

Molusca Gastropoda Melanoides tuberculata Asian Thorn (also see article)
Molusca Gastropoda Tarebia granifera Quilted melania (also see article)
Molusca Gastropoda Veronicella floridana Florida Leatherleaf (also see article)
Pisces Centrarchidae Micropterus dolomieui Smallmouth Bass
Pisces Cichlidae Oreochromis niloticus Tilapia
Reptilia Gekkonidae; geckos Gekko gecko (Linnaeus 1758) See article
Reptilia Gekkonidae; geckos Gonatodes albogularis (Duméril & Bibron) Belize City.
Reptilia Gekkonidae; geckos Hemidactylus frenatus Schlegel Introduced. First  specimens noted in June 1993 in the coastal town of Dangriga
Reptilia Polychrotidae; anoles Anolis carolinensis Voigt Intruduced, probably failed to establish.
Reptilia Teiidae; whip-tailed lizards Cnemidophorus lemniscatus L.  
Reptilia Typhlopidae; blind snakes Ramphotyphlops braminus (Daudin)  
Aves Columbidae; Pigeons and doves Columba livia, Feral Pigeon  
Aves Passeridae; Old World Sparrows Passer domesticus, House Sparrow  
Aves Estrildidae; Waxbills Lonchura malacca, Tricolored Munia, Chestnut Manakin First flock of 12 observed on August 4, 2003. Caye Caulker by James Beveridge.
Mamalia Dogs - Canidae Canis latrans, Coyote First confirmed capture on June 15, 1996. More recent observation November 2003 in Blue Creek, OW.
Mamalia Cats - Felidae Felis catus, House cat  
Mamalia Mice and Rats - Muridae Mus musculus, House mouse  
Mamalia Mice and Rats - Muridae Rattus norvegicus, Norway Rat, Brown Rat, Charlie Price.  
Mamalia Mice and Rats - Muridae Rattus rattus, Roof Rat, Black Rat, Reef Rat.  


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