Biodiversity in Belize
Biological Diversity in Belize
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Protected Areas

The map below is interactive. Hover the cursor over a protected area for the name and links with information. Not all areas are linked yet. But I am working on expanding the amount of information here. Click the main image to download a larger picture (*.gif file; 63 KB). Scrol down for the Grouper Spawning Sites. For a more interactive version of the Protected areas map go to the mapserver.

This map is up to date only up to April 2005. I am constantly working pdated and corrected versions of this protected areas map which will be published through the mapserver. Look for it in September 2005.

Belize Protected Areas Map, click for larger image Aguacate Lagoon Rio Blanco National Park. Click to download Flora guide (pdf) Mayflower Bocawina National Park. Click to learn more about Rapid Ecological Assessment Spanish Creek Wildlife Sanctuary. Click to learn more about Rapid Ecological Assessment Laughing Bird Caye National Park. Click to visit this park's excellent website Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserv e Click to go to REA of Sarstoon Temash National Park Aguacaliente Wildlife Sanctuary Port Honduras Marine Reserve Machaca Forest Reserve Bay of Honduras Conservation Zone Paynes Creek National Park Chiquibul National Park Caracol Archaeological Reserve Golden Stream Biological Corridor (Private Reserve) Bladen Nature Reserve Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Victoria Peak Natural Monument Nojkaaxmeen Elijio Panti National Park Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve South Water Caye Marine Reserve Glovers Reef Marine Reserve Click for a terrestrial biodiversity report on Halfmoon Caye Natural Monument (pdf, 182 kb) Blue Hole Marine Reserve and Natural Monument El Pilar Archaeological Reserve Blue Hole National Park Five Blues Lake National Park. Click to visit its website Billy Barquedier National Park Monkey Bay National Park Monkey Bay Private Reserve Runaway Creek Private Reserve Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary Burdon Canal Nature Reserve Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary Community Baboon Sanctuary Click to go to REA for Aguas Turbias National Park Click for a biodiversity inventory of Shipstern Nature Reserve (pdf, 442 kb) Honey Camp National Park Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Baccalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve Fresh Water Creek Forest Reserve Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Click to visit the Hol Chan website Manatee Forest Reserve Grants Work Forest Reserve Gragra Lagoon National Park Commerce Bight Forest Reserve Vaca Forest Reserve Chiquibul Forest Reserve Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve Sibun Forest Reserve Sittee River Forest Reserve Columbia River Forest Reserve Deep River Forest Reserve Mata Mountain Forest Reserve Swasey - Bladen Forest Reserve Mango Creek Forest Reserve Cahal Pech Archaeological Reserve Guanacaste National Park Caye Caulker Forest and Marine Reserve

The above map does not contain the Spawning Aggregation Site Reserves that were declared Marine Reserves on October 21, 2003 (SI 162 of 2003). These sites are mapped below. The specific purpose of these sites is the protection of spawning sites of the Nassau Grouper (Epinephelus striatus).

Protected Spawning Aggregations in Northern Belize. Click for a larger image
Protected Spawning Aggregations in Southern Belize. Click for a larger image

Northern Belize Sites left, Southern Belize Sites to the right. Indicated in red are the protected spawning aggregation sites. The aguamarine areas are Marine Reserves. Click the images for larger versions (jpg, 38 and 33 kb).


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