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Belize Shrimpfarm B-EIA & P-SIA Asessment

Within the framework of Shrimp Aquaculture Dialogue (ShAD), and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and the related standards for responsible shrimp aquaculture that are to be experimented in Belize, members of the Shrimp Grower Association are currently carrying out a Biodiversity Inclusive Environmental Impact Assessment (B-EIA) and a participatory Social Impact Assessment (p-SIA).

The Biodiversity and Environmental Impact Assessment (B-EIA) and the participatory Social Impact Assessment (p-SIA) are requirements of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council Shrimp (ASC) Standards and will be audited as part of the ASC Certification.

Steps carried out at the moment include the preparation of a comprehensive B-EIA and p-SIA report with the main objective to guide shrimp farmers to minimize both the environmental and social impacts of the farm, which include impacts on the surrounding communities.

Participating farms are:

  • Belize Aquaculture Ltd,
  • Aqua Mar Aquaculture Ltd,
  • Tropical Aquaculture Investment Ltd,
  • Royal Mayan Farms Ltd,
  • Cardelli Farms Ltd,
  • Paradise Shrimp Farm C.A. Ltd,
  • Tex Mar Ltd,
  • Bel-Euro Aquaculture Ltd.

This principal purpose of the site is to act as a clearing house for reports, meeting minutes and other documents that might be of interest to the stakeholder communities.

The final round of stakeholder meetings was held in the weeks of October 28 through November 5, 2014. Stakeholder communities where the B-EIA and p-SIA was presented are:

  • New Mullins River
  • Santa Cruz
  • Independence
  • Seine Bight
  • Placencia Village

Final (November 2014) B-EIA & p-SIA documents (PDF approx 3-4 mb each):

Aqua Mar Belize Ltd.

Bel-Euro Aquaculture Ltd.

Belize Aquaculture Ltd.

Cardelli Farms Ltd.

Paradise Shrimp Farm C.A. Ltd.

Royal Mayan Farms Ltd.

Tex-Mar Ltd.

Tropical Aquaculture Investment Ltd.



ASC Shrimp Standard

ASC Shrimp Audit Manual

Contact Belize Environmental Consultancies for additional information:

Other important contacts include:


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