Biodiversity in Belize
Biological Diversity in Belize
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Report of second half of the bat survey (March 2003)

Final REA Report - July 2003 (pdf: 1,772 kb)


Rapid Ecological Assessment

Mayflower Bocawina National Park, Stann Creek District, Belize

Picture gallery

Fieldwork December 2002 - February 2003

Ramon Guzman Ramon Guzman setting out a vegetation transect
Ramon Guzman and Jenovivo Peck measuring Cojoba arborea tree along vegetation transect
Jenovivo Peck
Harp trap Bruce Miller, Carolyn Miller, Ramon Guzman and Augusting Howe setting up a "harp" trap designed for catching bats
Another technique to record bats are "acoustic traps" which record the vocalizations of bats. Acoustic trap
acoustic trap recorder Each acoustic trap has its own power source, recorder and amplifier. The recorder automatically switches on at nightfall and switches off at dawn. All of it fits in a small plastic container to keep out rain.
Bruce and Carolyn Miller, measuring, weighing and recording the bats caught in the harp traps Bruce Miller
Peter Herrera performing a spot count for birds. Spot counts are a standardized method to assess bird diversity and density. All the vegetation transect have in this way also been sampled for birds.

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